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The Rumor Pit

Here's the lowdown...

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This column will include any breaking news, such as information on upcoming releases or tours. The cool part is that the news and rumors are only submitted by fans via email.

Here's what's happening:

Band's Song Appears in "Dawson's Creek" Episode
Posted 1/18/01
The song "The Penguin and the Turtle (Part 1)" was played last night over the closing credits on "Dawson's Creek." It fit the plot perfectly, and it was great to hear a favorite song unexpectedly.
Contributed by John Walden


Thanks for all the great times Jay!


I guess we can make it official.
Rumors have been circulating for sometime regarding Jay Skipworth's status with the band. He and Shakurbe have now released an official statement:
"Jay Skipworth has resigned as the full-time bassist for Shakurbe. He is rejoining fellow Holleycarbines alums Matt Pettus and Shannon Partrick to finsih writing songs and begin recording a new album."
Skipworth, in a statement, said, "I enjoyed my time with Shakurbe and wish those guys the best of luck. I'll still sit in from time to time if they need me, but my heart lies with the Holleycarbines and that's what I'm focusing my musical energy into at this time. I hope to play a combined gig with both bands one day. Thanks to all of the loyal Shakurbe fans and to Brandon, Jonathan, Patrick, and Eli for being great to jam and work with. Good luck!"

A sad day, indeed, in the history of Shakurbe. We love you, Jay, and we will miss you!

Be sure to let us know what you hear and we'll add it to this page!