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A History of the Musical Powerhouse That is... Shakurbe!

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May 23, 1980- Brandon McCaghren is born. The world rejoices.
May 24, 1980- Jeremy Lile is born in the same hospital. Coincidence? We don't think so, either.
Sep 7, 1980- Donna Layman gives birth to a beautiful, blue-eyed wonder named Jonathan.
August, 1995- Brandon meets Andy White and Randi Hicks, who introduce him to Jonathan Layman. The world was forever changed.
June, 1997- Jonathan and Brandon begin learning the guitar together with the sole reason being to pick up chicks. It worked.
Fall, 1997- Jonathan, Brandon, and Jeremy have their first "Jam Session" together in Decatur, AL with a Creedence Clearwater Revival book.
Fall, 1998- The three go their seperate ways: Jeremy to Tennessesse, Jonathan to Florence, and Brandon to Montgomery. Little did they know the plan that destiny would unfold to them.
Fall, 1999- Jonathan meets a new student named Eli Harper.
January 2000- Jeremy moves in with Brandon in Montgomery.
August, 2000- Brandon moves to Albertville and starts school in Florence, with Jonathan and Eli. Shakurbe is born.
Fall, 2000- The search for a bass player begins. Many prospects, but finally Jay Skipworth takes it.
Dec 27, 2000- Jay is unable to play at the first show. The search for a bass player now becomes frantic.
Dec 30, 2000- Jeremy Lile becomes the bass player for Shakurbe one night before the first show. What timing.
Jan 30, 2001- Patrick Reed brings his amazing talents to the group, expounding upon the musical genius that Shakurbe has become famous for.
Feb 28, 2001- Jay Skipworth replaces Jeremy Lile as bassist.
Jul 18, 2001- Greg Godwin joins Shakurbe as the new frontman. Fans love him instantly.
Jul 23, 2001- Eli Harper quits Shakurbe for unknown reasons.
Jul 23, 2001- Jay Skipworth unexpectedly resigns as Shakurbe's bassist to rejoin the Holleycarbines.