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Contact Shakurbe

We love to get mail (and one dollar bills to help fund our recording studio and first album)!

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Shakurbe loves to hear from their fans. In fact, we'd say they're "fan-friendly". So send them an email. They'll love it.
Also, Shakurbe is in the process of funding and building their own recording studio so their CD's can come to you at incredibly low costs!
If you would like to help fund this, you can donate a dollar! (They'd like you to send more, but they understand the whole "I'm in college" thing.) And you can donate less if you want. Just drop it in the mail and send it to:

104 Georgia Avenue
Albertville, AL 35950

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Do you have some news that you feel needs to be added to the Rumor Pit? Maybe you've got some juicy gossip on the band that you feel like everyone else needs to know. If so, click the above link and send it on in. We will post some of your comments on the "Rumor Pit" page. Thanks.